Flexible screen formats suit wide range of passenger information needs

AUO’s PID total solutions helps transportation hubs to deliver accurate information such as flight schedules, travel information, weather updates and transfer locations etc. Allowing passengers to be well-informed across all situations and locations in mass transport.


Public Information Displays in airports

AUO Public Information Displays are used in airports to show flight schedules, boarding gate information, shortest routes to gates, estimated wait times and other relevant information – improve passenger experiences.

Dual-Sided Displays on rail platforms

AUO Ultra-Slim Dual-Sided Displays placed across various locations allow digital signage operators to display information on two screens instead of just one. That can increase visibility while also reducing capital and labor costs for operators, because fewer cable runs, electrical connections and mounts are needed.

Stretched Displays in subway carriages

Stretched Displays allow the benefits of dynamically-updated digital screens to fit in the tight confines of commuter, subway and shuttle rail cars – above doors and windows or suspended from ceilings and can provide location and next stop information and messaging, etc.