Stretched Display

Stretched LCD Panels
  • With the latest AMVA (advanced multi-domain vertical alignment) technology, these panels have high contrast, wide viewing angles, fast response times and high transmittance. They are ideal for diverse public information display applications.
  • The high brightness and unique stretched screen ratio design can be used in both landscape or portrait mode, Suitable for where conventional 16:9 screens wouldn’t work due to space constraints.
  • Suitable for train door, platform, public metro transportation or retail store.



Stretched LCD Panel Spec
Product 42” (Stretched) 37” (Stretched) 29” (Stretched) 28” (Stretched)
Size 42 inches 37 inches 29 inches 28 inches
Resolution 1920 x 480
1920 x 540
1920 x 540
1920 x 360
Brightness 2500 nits      
1500 nits    
1000 nits      
700 nits ● 
Dimensions 1059.48mm(H) x 283.52mm(V) x
923.3mm(H) x 277.1mm(V) x
734.46mm(H) x 229.49mm(V) x
733.78mm(H) x 165.34mm(V) x
Weight 5.5Kg / 12lbs 4.6Kg / 10lbs 2.7Kg / 6lbs 1.1Kg / 2lbs