Stretched Display

Versatile Applications in Any Space to Convey Diverse Messages in Real Time

Ultra-wide stretched displays allow screens to fit in locations where conventional 16:9 ratio screens won’t work or consume too much available space. Stretched displays can fit below ceilings but still allow head clearance, feature in product displays without taking away important merchandising space or attach vertically to walls in shops and along corridors. Portrait / landscape modes and auto light sensor are available to fit into different environments.



Customized Design for Optimum Durability and Reliability

Fabricating the display using AUO’s masking process ensures quality and reliability after prolonged operation. The conventional process for cutting LCDs to make stretched versions can result in flaws – leaving the finished units brittle and fragile.


Conventional cutting LCD

(Potential risk of black borders caused by vapor infiltration after cutting) 


Customized mask design




Display Images Remain Sharp in Bright Outdoor Sunlight to Produce Optimal Viewing Performance

Displays can run in high brightness up to 1,500 nits. AUO has unique high-temperature liquid crystal technology that prevents black spots that can otherwise appear when exposed to high temperatures. The circular polarizer (1/4 λ PF) design also provides sunlight readability, and allows viewers with polarized sunglasses to see sharp images.



EN50155 Certified for Use in Various Harsh Environments

EN50155 is an international standard regulating electronic equipment used on railway vehicles and related rail applications to ensure quality and reliability.




High brightness

Auto light sensor

24 / 7 operation

Portrait / Landscape mode