Intel® SDM Ready Display


AUO Hybrid Slot Design

Compatible with both Intel® SDM–S and –L

AUO’s unique hybrid slot design is compatible with both Intel® SDM–S and –L modules. Users have more flexibility in selecting the computing engines optimized for their specific needs.  


Intel® SDM–S is suitable for simple digital signage applications such as transportation routes and timetable, information screen or standalone advertising display. Intel® SDM–L is the perfect solution for digital signage applications with complex networks and CMS deployment; large video walls, menu boards for food franchises, interactive retail displays and other IoT applications. 


Easy Installation, Upgrade & Maintenance 

AUO SDM displays offer all the benefits of SoC and media player / industrial PC. It not only overcomes SoC’s limitations of restricted CMS compatibility, no upgradability and reinstallation hassle for repair, but also eliminates the need for external player and additional connecting cables.


AUO SDM displays can be installed easily with just a single power cord. The embedded SDM units can be upgraded and replaced by simple swap-outs when necessary. The plug-and-play system also makes onsite service and maintenance simple, while saving installation time and labor cost.












Maximum Integration and Flexibility

In addition to the compatibility with Windows, Android, and Linux platforms, the plug-in interface provides more functionality and flexibility in support of different peripheral devices such as sensors, cameras or RFID readers for better user experience. The simple but powerful solution enables retailers to provide enriched interaction and increase customers’ engagement.



Space Saving & Easy Management

With Intel® SDM plug-in and cable-less design, no external players and fewer cables are needed to make the connections. Especially when setting up a video wall of multiple displays, the video signal can be daisy chained with DisplayPort. It takes up less space for cable pathways and allows easier management.







Hybrid SDM

Slot Design

Ultra High


High Brightness

Stylish Thin Design

24 / 7 Operation

Portrait / Landscape




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