Commercial Display

Movable Commercial Display Solutions
  • A lightweight moveable stand design makes the display an ideal replacement for traditional paper posters that showcase product or event information.
  • Built-in media player function to play back multimedia contents through USB or SD card.
  • Built-in poster-design software, called the WoW! App, allows users to easily create innovative posters for commercial use and schedule their playback at any time.
  • Designed to support the demands of public information displays, supporting 20 hours per day, 7 days a week operations.
  • Suitable for retailers, restaurant operators and event venues.



Movable Commercial Display Solution Spec
Product / Size

43” FHD

32” FHD

Brightness 500 nits 450 nits
Interface HDMI x1
With Internal HDMI for Android (IO switchable)
USB slot x2、SD card slot x1、RJ45 x1
USB x2, SD card slot x1, RJ45 x1
Dimensions 966.5mm(L) x 555.3mm(W) x 63.7mm(D)(max.) 725mm(L) x 419.5mm(W) x 50.5mm(D)(max.)
Bezel width 10.3mm(L / R) 10.55mm(U / D) 11.8mm
Weight 16kg / 35lbs 7.5kg / 17lbs
Wall mount 200 x 200mm、200 x 400mm 200 x 200mm