Outdoor Display

High Brightness and Low Power Consumption

Ultra high brightness (1,500nits / 2,500nits) is suitable for different environments. The built-in auto light sensor detects ambient light and adjusts brightness accordingly, to achieve optimal display performance while also intelligently controlling power consumption. Screens with brightness set under 2,500nits consumes only 365w – that’s 30% more energy efficient than competing products.



Images remain sharp even under direct sunlight

Unique high-temperature liquid crystal technology prevents the black spots that can develop on some competing displays when subjected to high heat loads from direct sunlight. The screens come with circular polarizer technology (1/4 λ PF) that eliminates the distortion pedestrians might otherwise see when they look at a screen while wearing sunglasses. Anti-glare surface treatments, and direct bonding with tempered glass, reduce glare and mist, and ruggedize the screens.



Built To Last

To prevent damage from overheating, AUO screens have a self-protection mode that’s triggered by a built-in thermal sensor – shutting the screen down automatically when its internal temperature exceeds 70℃. The screen reboots when the temperature cools to 60℃.

The cooling / exhaust system has an unique fan module that allows easy removal and maintenance. The product has passed IP56 water and dustproof certification, as well as various professional testing conditions such as high temperature and high humidity. All that ensures maximum durability and reliability after prolonged use.





 * Fans are available to clean by water directly 




High brightness

Auto light sensor

Thermal sensor

24 / 7 operation


Portrait / Landscape mode