High-brightness and weather-resistant design make these displays ideal for the outdoor environment

AUO Outdoor Signage Displays are designed to perform reliably in a wide range of outdoor weather conditions. They can replace traditional posters and provide dynamic content / information.

Drive-thru Displays

AUO Outdoor Signage Displays are installed as drive-thru displays at various QSR or Fast Casual locations to use as pre-sell promotional screens, menu displays and order confirmations. These screens can improve operational efficiency, the accuracy of the meal ordering process and boost sales.

Large Digital Signage Displays for outdoor

Large Outdoor Signage Displays are placed in shopping mall, street corners, downtown sidewalks to provide public information, local news / weather updates or promotional content. These screens inform, guide and motivate viewers.

Outdoor Window Displays

High brightness screens placed outside buildings or in shop windows can cut through midday sunlight and glare to inform consumers and draw them into shops and service providers with call to action and promotional messaging.