Excite, entertain, inform and guide to maximize guest experiences

AUO PID total solutions enhance the overall customer experience across different venues, whether that’s theme parks and attractions, or convention centers. Effective communications and exciting visuals result in positive, lasting experiences.


Easily display promotional content and upcoming events

Attractions, cinemas and other ticketed venues all benefit from AUO PID total solutions that can handle digital posters for ticketing information, wait times, concession offers and upcoming events. These solutions reduce perceived wait-times, increase average transactions (upsell) and heighten marketing effectiveness through promotional content.

Better way-finding and informational content

AUO PID total solutions placed throughout convention centers and large attractions can showcase different content, help visitors get the most out of each show or feature, promote upcoming events and ensure people know where they are and how to find what they want.

Creating better visuals and experiences

Inside amusement parks, casinos or arcades, vivid HD displays raise excitement levels and stimulate activity – such as add-on purchases for opt-in features.