Dual-Sided Display

Dual-Sided Displays
  • With the latest AMVA (advanced multi-domain vertical alignment) technology, these panels have high contrast, wide viewing angles, fast response times and high transmittance.
  • Dual backlight design allows the brightness to be independently adjusted according to the surrounding conditions.
  • Slim design for space optimization, suitable for window display / dual-sided signage display in two-way walk-through areas.



Dual-Sided Display Spec
Product / Size PD55A (without stand) / PD55B (with stand)
55” FHD Dual-Sided Display
Brightness 700 nits / 700 nits
Interface HDMI x2(In)
Dimensions Without stand 1515.9mm(L) x 856.8mm(W) x 23.4mm(D)
With stand 1945.7mm(L) x 861.9mm(W) x 23.4mm(D1) / 62.4mm(D2) 
Weight Without stand 45.5Kg / 100lbs
With stand 69Kg / 152lbs