Impactful communications for staff and guests

AUO PID total solutions improve the overall look and feel of corporate environments, and drive more effective employee communications.


Advanced, eye-catching displays

Strategically-placed screens can inform and guide visitors in lobbies, manage waiting areas, and serve as the primary human resources communications platform for white collar and, particularly, blue-collar staff who don’t have assigned desks or emails.

Building an unique brand image

In lobbies or reception areas, a video wall can display corporate marketing materials, strengthen brand awareness and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Real-time interactive conference rooms

Large-sized AUO Professional Commercial Displays can be used throughout business centers and conference rooms to easily communicate with visitors as well as facilitate remote video conferences.

Instant interactive for on-job training or training course

HR personnel or trainers can use large sized AUO Professional Commercial Display as education white board to showcase pictures, video and other training material. Attractive content can make training programs more effective.