About AUO

Global Leader in Optoelectronic Solutions

AUO has a complete generation of G3.5 to G8.5 TFT-LCD fabs, with over two decades of technological know-how and product expertise. AUO’s product portfolio ranges from 1.1 to 85 inch displays for all types of applications.


AUO delivers a total solution through its comprehensive portfolio of display technologies and diversified product combinations, including customer-oriented concepts such as full set system and touch screen integration. Our goal is to provide high quality, highly reliable products with AUO’s continuing service for our customers.


AUO invests heavily, year to year, on R&D. Our extensive, high quality patent portfolio reflects our leading edge position in the industry. We constantly improve our R&D capabilities to take the lead in global display technology development, through differentiation, quality optimization and value enhancement. AUO’s comprehensive global deployment provides our customers with timely service and support. AUO currently has global operations in Taiwan, Mainland China, USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Named to DJSI for consecutive years since 2010




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