AUO PID Solutions

Total Solutions

With the development of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence), display applications are now an omnipresent key interface for smart living. User-centered human-machine interaction, and display products with software and hardware integration, will create more innovative applications and provide consumers with richer product experiences and enhance consumer lifestyles.


Professional Team

AUO has specialized in PID solutions for more than a decade. Supported by experienced marketing, sales and R&D teams, we are developing value-added products to meet customers’ expectations. From restaurants, hospitality, transportation, education, retail to entertainment, AUO provides customers with diversified solutions that create infinite possibilities for smart living.


Advanced Technology

Deep expertise and manufacturing experience have led to a diverse array of PID products, including ultra high resolution, ultra high brightness, extreme narrow bezel, dual-sided, and stretched displays. That high quality PID products are complemented by a broader solution set that includes display system, media player software and after-sales service. AUO can be the trusting single-source, single-contact integrated solution that many business customers are now seeking.


Quality Guarantee

We follow international quality standards to build a trackable quality management system. All PID products follow a specific set of tests to ensure they can comply with all necessary spec / quality requirements. We provide full technical specs and on-going support services through local offices around the world.